At Lewis Middle School we want all of our students to be confident in their ability to think mathematically. At each grade level we provide a range of instruction in order to meet students' inpidual differences. While most students are in grade-level classes, some students are ready for an accelerated math program. The purpose of this page is to describe the range of our programs and to identify the specific criteria used in determining how students are placed in accelerated classes each year.

Grade-Level Math Classes: content and pace are geared for the general population.

Accelerated Math Classes: an accelerated program for high achievers who are able to perform more independently and have demonstrated extraordinary task completion; students can expect more homework at this level.


Grade Grade-Level

Classes Accelerated Classes

6th Common Core 6 Common Core 6/First half of Common Core 7
7th Common Core 7 Second half of Common Core 7/Common Core 8
8th Common Core 8 Integrated Math I, Advanced

Placement into Accelerated Math Classes:
Student placement in advanced math classes is based on a number of criteria that have been created by the district. Much effort goes into placing students in classes that both challenge and interest the inpidual learner. The following are used to determine appropriate placement for the 2016-2017 school year:

  • District Math Placement Test
  • Grade in previous math course
  • SBAC test

Placement Changes: There are occasions where a student's placement is higher or lower than his or her actual ability and/or knowledge level. We want to find the best placement for each student as early and accurately as possible. Student performance will be closely monitored. We believe an "achievement-based" system will better insure that students are placed in the appropriate class.

Our goal is for all students to accomplish as much as they are capable of without pushing them into situations they may not be intellectually ready for. All students should be given the opportunity to enhance their learning potential at a pace that is right for them.

Any questions about this policy can be referred to your student's math teacher.

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