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Lewis Middle School is a fully integrated Next Generation Science Standard (NGSS) school. For information regarding the changes to science education in the state of California, please reference the links below.

New Vision for Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)

Conceptual Shifts for NGSS

Preparing Students for a Lifetime of Success (NGSS)

Science Course Descriptions

Grade 6 NGSS Science: This full year course is in alignment with the California Next Generation Science State Standards. In this general science course students learn concepts in physical, life, and earth sciences. Students conduct experiments utilizing appropriate tools, technology, and graphs and communicate their conclusions orally and in writing. Students continue to develop their abilities to conduct inquiry, create explanations based on evidence, and understand the nature of science. Students will explore the topics of atmosphere, weather, climate, human impact, mass, thermal energy, engineering design, cells, body systems, and heredity. Throughout the curriculum, a strong emphasis is placed on the scientific method, metric measurement, scientific writing, and the use of technology. In addition, the district-approved curriculum for 6th grade Rights, Respect & Responsibly (formerly "Family Life") will be taught during science.

Grade 7 NGSS Science: During the full year 7th Grade Science course, students will be exploring and applying knowledge from the disciplines of Life Science, Earth & Space Science, Physical Science and Engineering. The main concept that will guide the 7th grade curriculum is that Natural processes and Human activities cause energy to flow and matter cycle through the Earth's systems. This technology-rich course meets the 7th grade science Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Students will learn science through demonstrations, investigations, cooperative learning groups, multimedia presentations, research, and self-reflection. Students are given the opportunity to explain the relationships of these topics to their daily lives. An emphasis will be placed upon critical thinking skills and collaboration with others to understand the concepts of science. Students will be participating in the Science and Engineering Practices and Crosscutting Concepts as defined by the NGSS. Students will earn their High School Graduation Credit for Computers Proficiency during their 7th grade science class.

Grade 8 NGSS Science: This year-long course is designed to acquaint students Life Science, Earth & Space Science, Physical Science and Engineering through various methods. The focus will be on application of scientific concepts to the world around us. Students will be challenged with hands-on activities and projects that are based on phenomena and real world problems. Students will learn about Forces, Energy, Space and Evolution. Students will explore these concepts through planning investigations and collecting evidence, constructing and interpreting graphs, identifying patterns and predicting future events, creating models, studying Human impact, using and applying mathematical and computational thinking, and designing solutions through engineering. In addition, the district-approved curriculum for 8th grade Rights, Respect & Responsibly

(formerly "Sexual Education") will be taught during science.

Ways you can support the Science Department*

The Science Department is in need of the following materials:

  • straws

  • scotch tape

  • large glue sticks

  • rubbing alcohol

  • large bottles of hand sanitizer

  • latex gloves

  • facial tissue

  • zip sandwich bags

  • distilled water

  • vinegar

  • baking soda

  • aluminum foil

  • corn starch

  • wax paper

  • back issues of science magazines

  • subscriptions for science magazines

  • guest speakers about science related topics and careers

  • brown lunch bags

*Lewis provides all materials needed for all students.





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Science Fair

The Lewis Science Department is dedicated to giving students a rigorous inquiry based education in science. Each science class involves scientific investigation and experimentation through hands-on labs and activities. We value each child's natural curiosity about the world around them and encourage all students in their exploration of that curiosity in the science classroom. All students benefit from the diverse science education they will receive at Lewis Middle School.

We will support motivated students who want to independently pursue a Science Fair Project. If a student is interested, please visit the San Diego Greater Science and Engineering Website at and review the requirements and time commitment for a project. After reviewing the information on the website and printing necessary forms, please see your science teacher for more details.

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